Print Policy


  • 100% Deposit required on all print Jobs
  • 100% deposit required for artwork and design services.
  • All Deposits are Strictly non-refundable.
  • Signature or Written approval is required for all orders
  • We are not responsible for any typographical errors on the final print, if same is approved prior by customer.
  • We do not charge for proof reading, neither do we provide such service. Customer is solely responsible to ensure that all text and graphics are good to print.
  • Color match service is available but not 100% guaranteed.
  • All orders must be pick up with in 48 hours of notice of completion. If unable to pick up, please notify us in the same time period to avoid the cancellation of order without any refunds.
  • we do not approve any credit unless you have a corporate billing account with us. Please ask one of our team members to help you apply for it.
  • We have zero tolerance policy against disrespect towards any of our employees. if you cannot respectful, please do not disrespect either.
  • please check your final product and other before leaving the store. if there is any mistake or errors that you may notice, please notify us before leaving.